Gorumara National Park

Best Time to visit Gorumara National Park:
October end to April- for best wildlife view & clear weather.

Gorumara National Park is an important national park of North Bengal. It is situated just at the foot hills of Eastern Himalaya in Treai region, on the flood plains in Murti, Raidak. Jaldhaka a Tributary of Brahmaputra flows just beside the National Park. Gorumara has mixed vegetation of forest & grassland. It famous for its good population of One Horned Indian Rhino. Ministry of Environment and Forest has declared Gorumara as the best among the protected areas in India for the year 2009.

Gorumara was declared a reserve forest in 1895. In 1949 it was given a status of a Wild Life Sanctuary.  Later on Gorumara was declared as National Park in 1994. Gorumara National Park is spread over an area of approx 80 km2 .

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Flora & Fauna of Gorumara National Park

Teak, sal, rain tree (shirish) and Bombax (Shimul) are very common in Gorumara National Park. Other than that terai grass land, bamboo groves & tropical orchids can also be seen.

Gorumara National Park is a home to almost 50 species of mammals, 20 species of reptiles, approx 300 species of birds & 30 species of amphibians. The park has a huge population of herbivores namely one horned rhino, Asiatic elephant, Indian gaur, chital, sambar, sloth bear etc. The park does not have large carnivores. But Leopard or small cats can be seen very often.

Gorumara National Park is also home to various kind of birds. Sunbird, scarlet minivet, Asian paradise flycatcher, great Indian hornbill & spangled drongo are some of them. Migratory birds like Brahminy Duck can also be seen. Various reptiles & amphibians can also be seen in Gorumara National Park. It is a home to many venomous & non-venomous snakes. King cobra – the world’s largest venomous snake & Indian python, one of the largest snakes in the world can be seen in Gorumara.


Watch Towers in Gorumara National Park.

  1. Jatraprasad Watch Tower & Rihno Obervetory Point.
  2. Medla Watch Tower
  3. Chandrachur (Khunia) Watch Tower
  4. Chukchuki Watch Tower
  5. Chapramari Watch Tower (Not a part of Gorumara, but just a few kilometers away)

November to February- from 10 to 21 °C
March to April –from 22 to 27 °C
May to October – from 28 to 37 °C

Average rainfall – 380 cm / year. Mid May to September in the rainy season.

Please Note: National park remains closed from 15th Jun to 15th Sep every year & every Thursdays. Only Medla Watch Tower will remain open during this period.

How to reach Gorumara national Park-
Nearest Railway Station:- NJP (New Jalpaiguri)- 75 km., New Mal Junction – 20 km.
Nearest Airport :- Bagdogra (IXB) – 90 km.