Mirik Lake

Mirik Lake - Darjeeling

Mirik Lake – Darjeeling

Mirik Lake is one of the most attractive and captivating tourist destinations followed by Darjeeling in West Bengal. It is nestled beautifully in the lap of looming hills. Mirik is also regarded as one of the hottest favorite destinations for holiday making. It’s not always important  to stay at Mirik Lake. You can visit the place by staying at Darjeeling. Even you can visit Mirik Lake on the way from Bagdogra to Darjeeling without spending an additional day.  

Sitting atop 4905 ft. high, Mirik is well regarded for its Bokar Monastery and its pleasant climate. It has a lot of other tourist attractions and sightseeing places that you can visit with a local taxi. Taxi drivers and local tour operators recommend 6 attractions to the tourists visiting Mirik – Bokar Monastery, Mirik Lake, Don Bosco Church, Devistan, Swiss Cottages, and Helipad. Read more…



Attractions & Activities in Mirik Lake (Sumendu Lake)

Mirik Lake is also known as Sumendu Lake which stretches over 1.25 km. The lake is naturally fed by spring and rainwater and it almost remains full all year round. The depth of water here varies from 3ft to 25ft. On The western bank there are tall Dhupia trees and forests which have walking tracks going through it. There used to be a nice garden on the eastern bank where locals and tourists can enjoy the natural settings.

Kanchendonga from Mirik

Kanchendonga from Mirik

You can witness the mountains by the lake and, sometimes, captivating views of snow-capped peaks of Kanchenjunga on a clear day. It also has 80ft arch footbridge across the lake which combines the western bank to eastern bank. There are also 3.5km long walking treks by the lake. The trail goes uneven at the western bank in the forest.


Paddle Boating at Mirik Lake

It is truly a relaxing and amazing activity in Mirik Lake. You can find a lot of boats on the lake almost any time in the day. Some boats are even in a shape of swan.  


Lakeside Trekking

If you love to do some nature walks, be sure to visit Mirik Lake early in the morning so you can have better odds to have a view of snowy Kanchenjunga peaks. You can easily reach the western bank of the lake by walking along the arched footbridge. Walkthrough the Dhupi forest or take a trail on the eastern side to visit Mirik Bazaar with pine trees at the backdrop.

Horse Riding

It is another popular and most favorite activity, especially for children. Horses are mostly available at the western bank to cross the arched footbridge. Horses have different circuits to move along the lake.

Mirik Lake - Darjeeling

Mirik Lake – Darjeeling

Fish Feeding at Mirik Lake

You can join other tourists and enjoy this activity just around the southern bank. You can find a lot of fish when you look below the waters on the bridge. Both locals and tourists throw bread and hundreds of fish jump up to catch food.

Floating Market

This handicraft market opens at 10am till 4 pm by the lakeside selling handmade items and souvenirs to tourists who visit here for boat rides. Besides the garden complex and the kids’ park, there is one more market that opens. Here, rural women offer souvenirs, knitted sweaters, scarves, caps, shoes for kids, toys, etc. at affordable prices. These shops open till 5 pm. There are food vendors beside the street & around the park’s entrance and the lake is open till 6.30 pm.