Neora Valley National Park

Neora Valley National Park is a pristine & virgin forest of North Bengal. It is situated in Darjeeling  district at Kalimpong subdivision. The national park is spread over 89 & is one of the richest biosphere reserve in North East India. Endangered species like Red Panda & enormous variety of flora & fauna made the park a USESCO world heritage site. Most part of the national park is still untouched. The lush green forest & valleys, bamboo groves, rhododendrons & mountain streams make it a paradise for adventure & nature lovers. The highest point of Neora Valley is about 10,500 ft. high.

Neora Valley National Park

Flora & fauna – Neora Valley National Park

You can find a wide variety of flora & fauna in  the park.  Bamboo, Sal, Oak, Ferns numerous species of Rhododendrons & orchids are the main available flora in the national park. Among the fauna one ca have musk deer, Himalayan black bear, clouded leopard, barking deer, wild boar, Himalayan flying squirrel, sambar ect. Other than these a wide variety of snakes, butterflies, bees,  beetles, moths, bugs are also available.

Birds in Neora Valley

The park is a paradise for the ornithologists. A wide variety of birds are found here. The rain forests between 1500 m and 25700 m is the home of several rarities like Satyr Tragopan, Rufous-throated Partridge, Golden-throated Barbet, Crimson-breasted Woodpecker, Darjeeling Pygmy Wren-Babbler, Woodpecker, Mountain Imperial Pigeon, Bay Woodpecker & many more.

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National Park Ethics

  • Obtain entry permit before entering the national park.
  • Keep silence. Watch & observe the nature in all its glory and let it speak for you. Please do not shout, play music or blow horns in the national park area.
  • Park your vehicle at the parking area.
  • Prefer khaki, olive green or dark colour clothing & avoid bright colour cloth.
  • Keep fire away. This the most  destructive of all forest.
  • Keep the forest clean. Do not litter with plastic, paper, cellophane etc.
  • Keep pets at home.
  • Do not carry fire arms, explosives etc. these are prohibited as per law.
  • Keep sober. Do take alcohol while in the national park.
  • Entering inside the forest other than the specified road/path are prohibited.
  • Do not tease the wild animals. Observe nature silently.
  • Drive slow. (Permissible speed limit 20km/hr)
  • Entering the national park area after sunset & before sunrise is strictly prohibited.
  • No one should hunt, destroy, remove or collect any forest product or wildlife. Fishing is prohibited.
  • Visitors should enter the national park at their own risk.


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