Tinchuley refers to Teen Chulhas or “Three Ovens”. The Tinchuley village is named after three huge hilltops surrounding the place which look like ovens in birds’ eye view. The village is beautifully facing the Kalimpong Hills. It is a well-developed tourist attraction. Around 17 families have been supported here by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to develop an organic model village to encourage village tourism.

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Tinchuley – A Mystic Himalayan Hamlet in Darjeeling




Some of the homes here have become homestays or guesthouses for tourists. With support provided by WWF, the villagers have adapted well-developed floriculture and other organic techniques and modern farming methods.

Well, there is a reason you must plan your trip and stay here. If you are a nature lover, Tinchuley will amaze you with serene views of Himalayan ranges. You can explore the meandering Teesta River flowing through the landscapes, orange orchards, tea gardens, different bird species, local culture, food, and local lifestyle while walking through the village trails.

You can also avoid the hustles of the tourist crowd in Darjeeling. It is a quiet and calm hamlet offering a truly natural beauty that most city dwellers dream of. It also has a lot of beautiful places, viewpoints, and attractions nearby.


Sightseeing Attractions and Activities

  • Visit the serene Nirmal’s Orange Orchards located 8km from Tinchuley. Fresh orange juice, pickles, and marmalades are produced in the factory located at this family-owned property, which is something you can buy at the best
  • Tinchuley Monastery is well regarded for having a long queue of prayer wheels on the outer wall and it is where the Dalai Lama meditated for 17 years.
  • In the proximity, there are six tea gardens where you can watch farmers plucking tea, explore the garden life, have a factory tour to see how tea is processed. Rungli Rungliot is the closest tea estate here along with Peshok Tea Estate.
  • Tinchuley View Point is the best place to catch the exotic sunrise on your camera and witness how Kanchenjunga snow-capped mountains and other Himalayan mountains sparkle in the daylight.
  • Have a stroll through the forest of ferns for around 20 minutes and reach another exotic viewpoint, Gumbadara. Here, you can witness Rangeet River and some parts of Sikkim. You can also witness the exotic views of snow-capped mountains of Kanchenjunga here.
  • Trek through the serene nature walks and explore the villages in proximity. You can have a local guide by your side arranged by your homestay or guest house. Local villagers may seem to be shy initially. But they are very warm and friendly once you start talking to them. There are flowering pots in almost virtually every village house.
  • Also, explore Lovers’ ViewPoint while visiting the Peshok Tea Gardens. It also has beautiful views of Triveni – where Rivers Rangeet and Teesta meet.