Kalimpong- Places to visit

Places to Visit in Kalimpong 

Kalimpong is a sleepy yet heavenly hill station located far northeast of Darjeeling, West Bengal. This small town is blessed well with exotic scenery of gardens, mountains, and lakes. 


Being the paradise for nature lovers, Kalimpong has no lack of delectable local cuisines, adventure options, serene views of mountains, and historical monasteries and temples. This town is frequented by so many tourists who visit Darjeeling. There is an interesting tale behind every historical monument which is packed with rich culture and history. With that said, here is the list of some best places you must visit in this unexplored town – 


Dr. Graham’s House 

Located on the foothills of Deolo Hills, Dr. Graham’s House is a great education hub. Built by Sir Anderson Graham from England in the 1900s, the whole complex is stretched around 550 acres of landscapes. It offers a lot of vocational courses related to dairy management, farming, clothing, baking, medication, as well as poultry. 

Deolo Hill

The highest peak in the town, Deolo Hill is located at an altitude of 1700m. The hills are covered by three freshwater reservoirs to fulfill the vital needs of water across the town. Climb up to be amazed by the mesmerizing views of nearby rivers, valleys, and villages. 

Thongsa Gompa 

Thongsa Gompa is a Bhutanese monastery which is the oldest in the region. There is a reason you should add it to your checklist for sightseeing at Kalimpong. You can experience spiritual and serene ambiance here with 219 prayer wheels, while most monasteries have 108. Monks conduct prayer services every day where you can have a surreal experience.  

Mangal Dham Temple 

Stretched over 2 acres of landscapes, Mangal Dham Temple is one of the most popular and well-known tourist destinations here. The Samadhi of Guru Shri Mangaldas Ji is on the ground floor and the upper floor has the main temple. 

The temple has several paintings related to the events of Krishna Leela. The temple is very well maintained and attracts a lot of religious tourists. 

Zong Dog Palri Fo Brang Gompa 

This ancient Buddhist monastery was built in the year 1975 under the guidance of the visionary Dalai Lama. On the Durpin Hill, this historic monastery is well regarded as Durpin’s monastery. Zong Dog Palri is well known as the great pilgrim attraction for the followers of Buddhism. It features 110 texts published on Buddhism. Some of the most appealing attractions here are sculptured walls, beautiful Buddhist architecture, ancient paintings, and pillars. 

Pine View Nursery 

As the name suggests, this cactus nursery houses a huge range of rarest orchids and cactus plants. You can access this nursery in the most isolated region of the town and it has been covered well by the dense range of hills and trees. This place is frequented by a lot of tourists for its pleasant weather and Instagram-worthy views. It also has some beautiful vivid flowers along with orchids and cactus plants. 

Crockety House

Last but not least; Crockety is a historical British cottage located around 50km from Darjeeling and it was built sometime around the colonial era. This place is beautifully covered by some of the lush green gardens and lawns and is a superior architectural marvel. It is among the rare locations which attract a lot of tourists all year-round. It was originally a trading hub for wool merchants who belonged to different parts of the world in the early 1900s. This place is truly a retreat for nature lovers. 


Kalimpong is literally a great natural attraction that has something to attract people of all ages. Mountains, literature, hills, adventure sports, religious attractions, and colonial architecture are some of the attractions which best describe the beauty of Kalimpong.