Offering serene views of Kanchenjunga range from a great height, Sandakphu is the highest mountain peak in West Bengal and is surely a paradise for trekkers. It provides great opportunities for trekkers and all attractions here are based on this adventure sport. Along which this adventure, you can also embrace the serenity of its snow-capped mountains.

Sandakphu is surely untouched from the daily hustles and bustles of city life and offers a chance to the tourists to embrace the peaceful, simple and joyful life of the hills. People revel in the seclusion of high peaks which is untouched by robotic life and is definitely undisturbed and unattainable. Experience the serene and peaceful views of Sandakphu with the best of nature, including vivid orchids, hilly ranges, and mystical forests. With that said, here are some of the best tourist attractions in and around.


Kanchendzonga from Sandakphu 6

Kanchendzonga & Everest from Sandakphu



On  the way to Sandakphu



Have a serene and tranquil experience when starting your journey at Chitrey. Manebhanjan’s steep slopes are very challenging for first-time visitors. So, you can start trekking at Chitrey. It has been the starting point for many trekkers due to its towering oaks, luscious greens, firs, and pines, which serve as endless companions to this trip. It also has a beautiful monastery that brings spiritual tranquility at the beginning of tranquil journey. You can several find accommodations and homestays here.


Manebhanjan is truly a starting point for your serene trip and a small town located around Darjeeling. There are several camps and houses established for trekkers apart from large numbers of Land Rovers. You can definitely find a lot of vintage vehicles here. It is definitely a pleasing attraction to start your journey as you can witness the villages of both Nepal and India on both sides of the border.


Tumling is beautifully categorized for its stunning environs and lush greens in winters. It is another great spot to start trekking to Sandakphu. Here, you can experience how cultural climate changes. The Singalila National Park check post is located only a few kilometers away. The trek here is marked with vivid lights, flora and heavy specks of browns and greens. You can witness the night lights of Darjeeling and Kurseong from the top and even explore the Indo-Nepal border from the heights. You can even take a short trip to Nepal and experience the entirety of this experience.


It is finally the last point after trekking to the serene town of Sandakphu. The rugged terrains and steep slopes here serve as the dark part before the dawn. Bikeybhanjan is another place with lively flora and pristine mountain peaks to keep you ahead and emerge victoriously and end your last stretch.

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Your trek to Sandakphu is truly rewarding and challenging. The secluded and melodious nature here makes your experience very amazing. These serene spots will definitely keep you pleased and energized and you can always have the amazing trekking experience. Read more…